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Video Tips for your special Day

  • If you can, ensure the bride and groom is getting ready on the same property (or close by), so that running between them is easy for your cinematographers&photographers.

  • The background of the room will be in your wedding film and photos - neat, attractive spaces look better on film. Larger spaces allow for your service providers to move around easily.

  • Also consider the lighting – your makeup artist and hair stylist will appreciate a well-lit area.

  • You may want some music playing. It’s your big day. Music will relax you. However, there may be times when we ask you to turn the music off so we can record some of the chatter from the morning – this really adds a more personal feel to your final film.

  • Exchange love notes (and/or gifts) with each other in the morning. Have them delivered by a member of the family / bridal party. This is a great way to share how excited you are about your big day with your fiancé. Capturing it on video makes your film that much more personal and special.

  • Buy a special coat hanger for your wedding dress. We film/photograph your dress before you put it on. So a personally designed coat hanger will make your dress shot look that much more awesome. If you can’t get your hands on a personal one, try to use a wooden hanger instead of a plastic, white one.

  • Have your details (perfume, garter, cuff links, jewelry, etc) available and ready for you photographer and cinematographers to capture. If they have more time with these items, they will get more creative footage of them.

  • Use mints, not gum, during your day. A chewing bride doesn't look cool on video.

  • Write your own vows. If you are too nervous to remember them, then read them to each other. This will make your vows that much more special and personal.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Allow your videographers time with you during your creative shoot. Speak to your photographer and advise them of this. You will be thankful for this when you see your video.

  • And a personal one… provide lunch and refreshments for your photographer and videographers. It’s a long day and keeping them fed will ensure they have the energy they need to do their work properly throughout the day.