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Your Frequently Asked Questions

• Won't I see all my wrinkles and freckles in HD?

Don’t worry – you won’t. Besides the professional make-up that you’ll have done on your special day, we also make use of cinematic colour-grading software that analyses skin tones and softens them with beautiful results.

• How long do I have to wait and why does editing take so long?

Post Production is the heart of creating your wedding film and can take up to five months to complete. Full High Definition video requires a lot of horse power: we colour grade, preview & adjust your entire film from start to finish, frame by frame. We spend hours editing the audio to ensure the highest quality of sound. Our biggest strength is our story-telling and this is an art-form that cannot be rushed. We also use a combination of finishing software that is a time-consuming, secret recipe with stunning results worth the wait.

• Why do you have to use lights?

Without light, colours fade, shadows hide important details, footage becomes grainy, and overall quality is lost forever. Using high-quality, adjustable lights, we put a lot of effort into lighting our scenes without having a visible impact on the atmosphere created at your wedding. However, we cannot film without light - it’s a scientific limitation of sight and directly related to quality.

• Are you invisible?

We are human and thus visible but we make a concerted effort to not affect or change the atmosphere of your big day. We capture your day as cinematically as possible but with very little directing. We dress for the occasion, always doing our best not to be obtrusive. One of the compliments we most regularly receive from brides is that we are really easy to have around - and that they often forgot we were even there!

• Do you get along with photographers?

We love working hand in hand with professional photographers! We understand how important a single moment can be and realise that both the videographers and photographers need beautiful images. Working together with a common goal to serve you, our client, is a very important part of our day.

• Do you require a meal at the reception?

Although we are flexible on arrangements, we do kindly request seating and a meal for every member of our crew. We usually start working extremely early, don’t stop for breaks, and stand on our feet for hours in order to capture as much as possible. By the time the reception starts, we are exhausted and starving and would greatly appreciate this industry-standard courtesy. If you would like to be kind, a lunch snack and refreshment for your photographer and videographer is always most appreciated. It’s a long day and keeping them fed will ensure they have the energy and creativity they need to do their best work throughout the day:-).

• Can I choose my own songs?

Yes, please do! The mood of your film is of utmost importance and we work closely with you to achieve the perfect result. Your wedding film is tailor-made just for you and needs to reflect your personal tastes, so we always aim to use your favourite songs. Having said this, we do need creative license to produce our cinematic art, so please trust us to decide what songs to use where. We may select another, similar song if a chosen one isn’t working, or use instrumental versions of your chosen songs.

• Have more questions? Feel free to contact us.